What Causes Cavities? The Diagnosis and prevention

Most people wonder what causes cavities, and how you can avoid this. Cavities actually have three stages, which begins with the bacteria damaging the hard surface of your teeth, and the destruction is then spread to a deeper level if it’s not checked at all. If you’re someone who is cavity-prone, you should always take this to heart, since the issue is very preventative. You should take care of your teeth, and also have a healthy diet, in order to ensure that the decay of your pearly-whites doesn’t happen.

So what are the stages of cavity formation? Well, you’ve got plaque formation, which is usually from the strains of bacteria that naturally occur there that thrive whenever you start to put foods in your mouth that have sugar in them. When the sugars aren’t cleaned off the teeth, bacteria then feeds on these and acids produce. The acids then combine with the bacteria that’s in your mouth, and the food particles that are there as well. This, in turn, will form plaque, and that’s a sticky film that covers the teeth.

Once the plaque forms, the acids will wear away at the enamel, and usually, this means that it will cause the small openings in the teeth due to the bacteria eating away at it. When this happens, the acids then attack the bacteria, and from there it goes to the dentist which is the softer surface of your teeth that’s below the enamel.

The plaque and bacteria then continue the destruction through the tooth until it’s right near the inner tooth material. Once it’s hit the advanced stage, the pulp them becomes very irritated, and from there, the bone that supports it might start to be compromised as well. When the decay then reaches this point, you usually experience the sensitivity, and from there, you end up starting to feel the body sending out signals for the white blood cells to fight it, and this causes a tooth abscess, and a root canal which might be necessary.

Now, you don’t’ want that third stage to happen. What are some good ways to prevent it? Well, that depends on what you want to get out of this. There are a few cavity prevention methods that you can use, and usually, an ounce of prevention is worth a lot of a cure, and if your’e diligent and consistent in the care that you have, it’ll go a long way. Brushing twice daily and flossing once daily with a toothbrush that’s good for cleaning your teeth, and also thoroughly getting rid of all the gunk in your mouth with water is great too.

Aside from that, you should eat foods that are healthy for your teeth including fruits and veggies, cheese and dairy products, and the like. You should try to avoid sweetened beverages since they contain sugar which forms cavities. You should avoid the snacking frequently, or even just consuming other drinks than water throughout the day since this prevents your teeth from getting assaulted by the bacteria that are there.

Whatever the case may be, their’s a lot of different things that you should consider when you’re trying to put together the right cavity prevention ideas. With this though, by understanding what types of cavity prevention you can do will help keep you nice and protected, and it will help you with the way your teeth end up, and it will help prevent the worst from happening, and in turn, you’ll be able o create a better, healthier experience for your mouth.